Day of Action

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Christian and I will be packing up our camping equipment and driving home from Camp Justice across the street from Creech Air Force Base this morning.  Yesterday morning was the second day of civil disobedience (CD) actions.

We were up at 6 a.m. with coffee and homemade scones, meeting to finish planning the details of an exciting action that we ended up not implementing due to the circumstances of the day.  One of the things that makes CD fun is that it is like a game of strategy..

No one lives on this Base and most everyone commutes from Los the strategy over the years is to shut down the gate at the Base where the commuters enter each morning. A couple years ago when the group shut down one gate, the authorities just re-directed the traffic to the second gate.  So last year, we designed an action that closed both gates at the same time.  A spontaneous action that took place this year on Thursday closed both gates again and then traffic was re-directed to a third gate unknown to us previously.

Yesterday, we had a set of different affinity groups with a series of actions that were intended to shut all three gates. The plan was for our affinity group to block the road at the third gate only for the five minutes warning period that the police give before making the arrest--thus not getting arrested yet--and then carrying out a different action shortly afterwards.  But it appeared that the authorities had re-structured their day so there was not as much traffic coming into the base as usual.  Commutes came earlier and later thwarting our plan, which can still be implemented at another time.

Thus we now have a fairly well-thought-out plan and strategy to carry out at the next protest in early October--another opportunity for the Sonoma County peace and justice community to endulge in this fun activity.  As soon as we know the dates, we'll let you know so you can put it on your calendars.  Please consider joining us in a unique vacation--hot springs, desert camping, and getting arrested (or not) in protest of the military use of drones. .