Shut Down Creech

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PJC former Directors and current Advisory Board members Linda Sartor and Christian Stalberg are currently attending the 2016 Shut Down Creech protests, teach-ins and actions at Creech Air Force base in Indian Wells, Nevada. Approximately one hundred protestors from across the country and several countries are in attendance for a week of activity targeting the drone piloting and practicing activities that Creech is famous for.

By way of some background, drones have arguably become the most important tool of the U.S. military given the technology's ability to attack and conduct war (declared and undeclared) without boots on the ground. While the technology was invented in Israel, the United States is quickly becoming the largest deployer and purveyor of drone technology with increasing sales to a growing list of countries.

Linda and myself are encamped across from the east gate at Creech at Camp Justice in a tiny tent city. There are numerous peace and justice luminaries at the event. Colonel Ann Wright & jesselyn Radack.