Successful Week at SHUT DOWN CREECH!

Democracy Now, April 4, 2016  (At 11.50)

Democracy Now, April 1, 2016  (At 11.27)

25 Activists Arrested in Two days of Nonviolent Blockades at Gates to Creech AFB;

Activists from over 20 states participated in week-long Mass Mobilization to End Drone Warfare

Videos of action by Holly Severson: 

1- Full Length kids action:

Day of Action

Christian and I will be packing up our camping equipment and driving home from Camp Justice across the street from Creech Air Force Base this morning.  Yesterday morning was the second day of civil disobedience (CD) actions.

We were up at 6 a.m. with coffee and homemade scones, meeting to finish planning the details of an exciting action that we ended up not implementing due to the circumstances of the day.  One of the things that makes CD fun is that it is like a game of strategy..

Drone Whistleblowers Seminar at UNLV

On Wednesday evening in the School of Law at the University of Las Vegas, a seminar was held about drone warfare.The featured speakers included former Air Force and CIA drone program representatives, lawyers representing drone strike victims anfd their families, and a former army chaplain who witnessed the drone program first hand in Afghanistan.

Cian Westmoreland is a former drone pilot who spoke about what it was like to work in the system, how the atmosphere was so inhumane and callous. He spoke about the 'moral injury' to himself and his peers who worked as drone pilots.

Shut Down Creech

PJC former Directors and current Advisory Board members Linda Sartor and Christian Stalberg are currently attending the 2016 Shut Down Creech protests, teach-ins and actions at Creech Air Force base in Indian Wells, Nevada. Approximately one hundred protestors from across the country and several countries are in attendance for a week of activity targeting the drone piloting and practicing activities that Creech is famous for.